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Butterfly Persistence 5.2.0

  • Publisher:Jakob Jenkov
  • Version:5.2.0
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  • License:The Apache License 2.0
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Butterfly Persistence 5.2.0Description

A simple relational persistence API
Butterfly Persistence was derived from Mr Persister 4.0.0 and provides a simple relational persistence API.The users normally emphasize the simple and pragmatic approach to persistence as their main reason for choosing Butterfly Persistence. Butterfly Persistence will either help you, or get out of the way and let you do the job manually.Butterfly Persistence's abstraction layers are shown below. Each of these layers are optional, meaning you can bypass them if you don't need them.Derived from Mr Persister 4.0.0Butterfly Persistence is a cleaned up version of Mr Persister 4.0.0. As such Butterfly Persistence is not a new API. It has alread proven itself through years of use in production environments, and has been downloaded thousands of times.Mr Persister had more peripheral features (connection pooling, transaction handling etc.) than Butterfly Persistence has today. These features will be added if they provide value. If not, alternative solutions will be advised.

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